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Even though Spider Solitaire doesn’t have a very long history in comparison to other Solitaire games, it still has interesting features.

It is more challenging than classic Solitaire due to specific rules, and this made many players intrigued by how they can win it.

Play Spider Solitaire Masters Card Games Free Online! What are the basic things to know about Spider and how to play it?

History of Spider Solitaire

While the classic Solitaire game seems to have appeared for the first time during the 18th century, Spider is much younger. Playing it was considered a privilege for those who embraced modernism. Therefore, the first account that played Spider Solitaire goes back to 1917. After several decades, its popularity grew incredibly high as soon as Microsoft introduced it to one of its Windows versions.

The company added this game in their newly launched upgrade of Windows 98. Therefore, Spider Solitaire was accessible to all PC users who installed Windows Plus! 98 on their computers. Until that moment, people could get familiar with Solitaire by only playing Klondike or FreeCell. However, when the variation called Spider became so available, the Solitaire fans could choose between three variations, and this new one was a great quiz for beginners. Now, it’s easier to learn the rules and tips and thus raise the odds to win. So, let’s delve into these details!


How to Play Spider Solitaire?

This game is played with two standard packs of 52 cards. The main objective is to build all the foundations by gathering the piles of 13 cards of the same suit and creating descending sequences at the same time. Therefore, the players should order the cards in the tableau starting with the Kings and ending with the Aces. Whenever they manage to organize 13 cards in such order, the suit is lifted off and it will be discarded from the game. Only those who are able to play out all eight suits are considered the winners.

When they open the game, the players will find 10 columns of cards. The first four of them contain six cards each while the rest have five cards each. The last card in the column is always face-up. Therefore, initially, the players are allowed to move only these available cards. But, once the face-down card is not blocked, it opens and can be used as well. Still, the main and strict rule of transferring cards is that any of them can be put to one that is one rank higher.


However, the game also brings some freedom to the allowed moves. For example, one can move the cards regardless of their suit, considering the rank only. Also, if they decide to leave some cards behind, the players can break a sequence at any point. Thus, if a 7 of clubs is blocked with a Queen of spades, they both still can be transferred to the column where the bottom card is the 8 of clubs. When they move a card or a group of cards, the players can also choose to place it in an empty place. Moreover, when it comes to moving the King, the empty cell is the only place it can be transferred to.

Play Spider Solitaire Masters Card Game Free Online

When all move possibilities have been used, then the player can deal a different row of ten faced up cards from the stock pile. However, before one will make such a deal, s/he must make sure that they are run of opportunities, because these cards can break the existing sequences. In order to help the players to win with fewer efforts, some websites with online Spider Solitaire offer the undo button, so don’t hesitate to use it to build moving strategies.


Do You Think You Now Know Everything about Spider Solitaire?

When starting to play Spider Solitaire, many people think that it is the same as the classic versions. But, now you know that the rules are quite different, and you should use your brain more when trying to win. However, there are some tips to remember and use as well as strategies to know.

One of such winning strategies that players can use to succeed in each Spider Solitaire game is to create open spaces as soon and as many times as possible. Players can move any cards and sequences on these free cells without problems making the layout handier. So, when you have a bunch of cards already built but you need a card that is stuck under many others, you can move the respective block on open space and release the card that you need.

Another rule that many players forget and that leads them to fail the game is that they lose sight of the King. In the Solitaire game, the King is the highest in rank. Therefore, when they start building stacks of cards, the players should make certain moves so that they can release the King and use it as a beginning of the sequence.

Challenge Yourself Even More


Free Spider Solitaire Masters Card Game Online Play. On the Internet, you can find the versions that use three and even four decks, so the opportunities to maintain and boost the level of expertise in Spider are endless!

It is essential to understand that not all Spider Solitaire games can be won. After all, this game should be all about fun and spending time in a relaxing way. On the other hand, if you want to keep up the pace with the competition, you can bring new challenges to the gaming process. For instance, players can set a timer or count the scores.

If you want to be the fastest in winning a Spider Solitaire game, then you should know that the fastest player managed to win it in 1 minute and 25 seconds!

In case you are not that proficient in this game now, there are different variations available for newbies. You can start with the 1-suit variant of Spider Solitaire, continue with the game played with two suits, and then proceed to the whole set of four suits.